Corfu Town: Dark Myths and Legends Tour

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Learn about dark myths and hear the chilling legends of Corfu on a walking tour through Corfu Old Town. Discover spooky places and hear ancient stories.

See a new side of the Corfu Town while hearing chilling myths and legends of the town, and stories that only a local guide would know. Explore a different side of Corfu on this Dark Myths and Legends Walking tour. Listen to spooky tales as you wander through the historic alleys of Corfu’s old downtown center and stroll through Spianada Square. Hear a variety of ancient and traditional stories, some that might make you laugh, and chilling tales that will haunt you after you leave. Immerse yourself in the dark myths and legends of the area, recommended for families with children over 12 who don’t scare easily. Enjoy a tour perfect for the family and learn more about another side of the city with this unique tour.


  • Learn about dark myths and legends from the ancient city’s history
  • Stroll along winding lanes and in dark alleys in the city’s historic center
  • Experience a spooky and fun tour
  • Local licensed tour guide